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You’ve read the manuals and you understand how ETFs work, but with more than 1,400 ETFs on the market, which ones are best for your portfolio?

In  renowned market commentator and ETF expert David Fry draws on his 40 years of experience in the investment industry to pinpoint the best ETFs in the US Equities space. Thinking first as a strategist and secondarily as a technician, Fry uses his unique methodology to hand-pick ETFs in 26 subcategories, ranging from different market capitalizations and approaches, to sector and subsector-specific ETFs, to dividend and high yield dividend ETFs. The book offers a detailed look at Fry’s ETF picking methodology, a bird’s eye view of the evolving ETF landscape, as well as a look ahead at what the markets may have in store for us.best bond etf

Founded in 2001, David Fry’s ETF Digest is already a valuable resource for more than 2000 subscribers who follow Fry’s range of model portfolios and receive customized action alerts. Gain access to the market insight thousands of investors already trust with “The Best ETFs: US Equities.”

This ebook is just the first in a series that aims to help you construct a comprehensive, well-balanced portfolio of ETFs from across the wide spectrum of markets and asset classes available. The next books in the series will focus on (in order) overseas ETFs, fixed income ETFs, alternative ETFs, and portfolio construction.

Included in the book:

  • A look at today’s ETF Landscape
  • An overview of the US Equities environment
  • A detailed explanation of David Fry’s ETF picking methodology
  • How to construct a portfolio using US Equities ETFs
  • An in-depth section on market climate and outlook
  • The best ETFs from 26 subsectors within US Equities:

A. Large Cap Growth ETFs
B. Large Cap Value ETFs
C. Large Cap Blend ETFs
D. Mid Cap Growth ETFs
E. Mid Cap Value ETFs
F. Mid Cap Blend ETFs
G. Small Cap Growth ETFs
H. Small Cap Value ETFs
I. Small Cap Blend ETFs
J. Technology Sector ETFs
K. Technology Sub-Sector ETFs
L. Biotech Sector ETFs
M. Energy Sector ETFs
N. Alternative Energy ETFs
O. U.S. Real Estate ETFs
P. Financial Sector ETFs
Q. Materials Sector ETFs
R. Health Care Sector ETFs
S. Industrial Sector ETFs
T. U.S. & Global Consumer Staples Sector ETFs
U. Consumer Discretionary & Retail ETFs
V. Utilities Sector ETFs
W. Established Dividend ETFs
X. High Yield Dividend ETFs
Y. Aggressive High Yield Dividend ETFs
Z. Commodity Producer ETFsbest bond etf

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